RMK MARINE – the Istanbul-based builder of custom sail and power yachts from 30 metres upwards in composites, steel and aluminium – has developed a new range of concepts, spanning 57 to 76 metres in length, and is looking forward to fully disclosing them on the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show, to be held between September 23-26. 

Named after famous Turkish archaeological sites and regions such as Halikarnas (better known today as Bodrum), Kapadokya (Cappadocia) and Bergama, these three brand new models - developed by the RMK MARINE team in cooperation with the designer Selahattin Uldas - are the definitive evidence that RMK MARINE is focused on taking its place among the leading builders in the superyacht sector with its programme of continuous investment and improvements in the quality of boatbuilding.

“Each new model – says Özgür Numan, Yacht Division manager at RMK MARINE – has its own style and features, but they all share important common values such as performance, stability, deck space and volume, including that of the crew quarters, which fully comply with the LY3 regulations”.

“The 57m Halikarnas – adds Numan, eight years at RMK MARINE – is a modern looking and sleek superyacht that boasts a futuristic reverse bow, a forward lounge area and a pool on the bridge deck, while the 65m Kapadokya is a luxury oceangoing explorer superyacht to be built in the wake of the previous explorers developed by RMK MARINE, with a huge aft beach, big pool at the aft main deck and a forward garage for toys and tender; last but not least, the flagship 76m Bergama features elegant lines, vast deck space, massive volume and power”.

More information and renders related to the said three superyachts and the shipyard’s production will be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. The RMK MARINE team will be available at the Stand QH30 in Quai de l’Hirondelle, next to the Monaco Yacht Club.ABOUT THE DESIGNER  
Born in Istanbul in 1979, Selahattin Uldas is a graduate of the Industrial Design Department of the Mimar Sinan University of the same city. He has been involved in the design of several successful Turkish-built yachts and superyachts (the most famous of which is Ileria) for a number of different shipyards.

After being awarded at the ‘International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2012’ for his design concept ‘Pro 750 Golden’, he decided to open his studio Uldas Design in Tuzla (Istanbul), Turkish shipbuilding industry’s main hub. His favourite designers and constant source of inspiration are Esper Øino (Oeino), Bannenberg & Rowell and Umberto Tagliavini.

All RMK MARINE vessels are crafted using the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly experienced and skilled personnel.

The shipyard has built numerous award-winning superyachts such as Karia (45m), built to a Ron Holland design, Caressa K (38m) and the S&S-designed ketch Nazenin V (52m) and sets the benchmark for the Turkish superyacht industry. Since 2011, RMK MARINE has been commissioned by the worldwide known sailing yacht manufacturer Oyster to build the new Oyster Superyachts by Dubois 100 and 125-foot models.

RMK MARINE has constantly increased its business since 1997, when it joined the Koç Holding - Turkey’s biggest conglomerate of 113 companies and over 73,000 employees -, by providing a range of complete solutions to its customers. 

Refit and repairs are also a key part of the work at RMK Marine: between 2012 and 2015, four major refits have been carried out at the shipyard facilities, including that of the 45- metre Keyla, winner of the 2014 World Superyacht Awards ‘Neptune’ (best rebuilt yacht). On-site 95,000 square metres of facilities include full refit, repair and restoration service for visiting yachts

Services at RMK Marine include high tech composite repair, steel/aluminium repair and restoration of all types and sizes of wooden yachts. The mobile lifting capacity at RMK marine comprises of 320, 100 and 40 tons. In addition to this capacity, custom designed rail slipway can presently take 685-ton yachts (to be increased to 860 tons) with length of up to 70 metres. The RMK Marine facilities are extensive enough to accommodate any refit and service jobs at the yard.