RMK MARINE has revealed their plans for a new specialist slipway for the yard. The new slipway is a custom designed rail slipway, which has a maximum capacity of 685 tonnes. Vessels are launched and recovered on a combination of water and land cars running on a track which makes the whole operation smooth and efficient. Haul outs can also be performed quickly and efficiently with the new system. 

The slipway has a capacity for yachts up to 60m in length and 15m wide and will be able to accommodate all the various types of vessels at RMK MARINE.

RMK MARINE currently has several interesting Yachts in build, including a 52m Sparkman & Stephens Ketch due for launch later in 2008 and two Dubois designed Yachts the Oyster 100 and 125 which will complete early 2009 and 2010. There is also a large on-going programme of Refit and Repair work at the yard which last season saw 13 vessels in for refit, 8 of which were over 40m in length. 

The new slipway will be complete ready for operation by August 2008 and is part of an on-going programme of improvements to facilities at the RMK Yacht site. Recent improvements to the yard have included a new helipad, to help with access for visitors and expansion of the support office facilities. RMK Yachts have also expanded its workforce with a number of new employees in many areas. 

RMK MARINE Yacht Division Director, Mike Burnham commented “we are continuing a programme of improvement and as a result will have additional announcements throughout this year.”