With BN80, RMK MARINE’s 45 m project progressing well into its fit out stages, two new 45 m concepts are being introduced from this high quality Turkish shipyard.

These new Ron Holland Design motor yachts are quite difference in appearance from BN80 and present a cost effective solution to the popular 500 GRT size yachts.

The first of the 45 m concepts is called the RMK MARINE Southern Seas version. This elegant yacht is aimed at long distance voyaging to remote locations. The carefully styled underwater lines have been created to achieve fuel efficient twin engine performance. The primary feature of the design is an above water profile reminiscent of specialist ocean-going vessels combined with the elegant and practical design style of Ron Holland. 

RMK MARINE Caribbean version presents a more conventional exterior profile. Her efficiencies under power, sea keeping ability and range, match the Southern Seas version. This yacht offers a cost effective opportunity to the quality concious yacht owner who appreciates a more conservative style yacht whilst still standing out as unique in any port. 

The RMK MARINE Southern Seas and Caribbean version offer a variety of interior arrangements, with the intention being that this allows clients to customise the interior to their own personal requirements. Experience of such customisation has come through BN80. This experienced client has had their personal requirements incorporated in by Design Unlimited and an interior arrangement by Ron Holland Design developed to take full advantage of the 500 GRT volume limit.

The team at RMK MARINE have a welth of experience. Last year they completed the beautiful Nazenin V, which recently has been nominated as a finalist for the World Superyacht Awards. Oyster Superyachts are also in build at RMK MARINE with the first 100ft yacht due this year. 

 RMK MARINE is based in Tuzla, Turkey and is part of the Koç Group. The group is involved in many areas of manufacturing and services. RMK MARINE has established a worldwide reputation for building top quality Superyachts and also provides a full refit, repair and restoration service as well as prestigious new builds.