YENİKAPI 12        


Builder    N.A.
Built in      9th Century
Length overall: 9.75 m
Beam    2.55 m
Restored in 2017


Yenikapi 12 is the 12th of the 37 shipwrecks found in Yenikapi Harbour archeological excavations. The Byzantine era harbor was found in 2004 during metro station excavations. The wreck nr12 was the best preserved in the whole 37 wrecks and turned to a cooperative project between University of Istanbul and RMK Marine. The replica is built after years of design and research works carried by the academics, by respecting as much as possible the original use of materials and techniques. The sawn oak frames were nailed together by using mule nails and flax ropes. The planking was made of chestnut which is very local of Istanbul area. Like all other RMK Marine restoration boats, Yenikapi 12 is also sailed by RMK Marine personnel which was quite an experience.